Step 1: Must be completed within 90 days of the student signing the LoU

The Center Distinguish Research Scientist (DRS), Student's Faculty Advisor, and the student must identify a NOAA Mentor to host the student during their NERTO.

To facilitate this process:

  • Provide the potential NOAA Mentor with a one-page Graduate Research Synopsis. (It could be different than the NERTO Research Synopsis, which is required before the NERTO training begins.)
  • Determine a proposed start and end date of the NERTO internship. Allow eight weeks for the NOAA badging, access, and vetting process (including Federal Security Clearance) before finalizing the start and end date.
  • Decide on the location (s) for the NERTO. The NERTO must be for 12 continuous weeks. It can involve more than one NOAA facility.
  • Determine/confirm the official NOAA Mentor. The mentor must be a NOAA-Federal employee. A NOAA contractor (Affiliate) can be a co-mentor.
  • Ensure the NOAA Mentor (or Mentors) signs the NOAA Mentoring Memorandum of Understanding.
  • View a Sample MOU
  • Download the MOU Template (MS Word)

Steps 2: Through 6 must be completed within four to six months before the NERTO Internship takes place

Step 3

  • The SSIO is reviewed and approved by the NOAA Program Office, which then notifies the Center Leadership.
  • The Center Leadership shares the SSIO with the Student and the Advisors.
  • The NERTO Intern/Student and Faculty Advisor in coordination with the NERTO Mentor and the Center DRS creates a 12-week NERTO Work Plan.
  • Download the Work Plan Template (MS Word)

Step 4

  • The student then submits the 12-week work plan, along with a cover letter, resume, copy of their latest transcript to Center Director, Dr. Fred Moshary (smerchant@ccny.cuny.edu), for the Center review, and approval.
  • The Center Director then shares the application package with NOAA EPP.
  • Download the Application Letter Template (MS Word)

Step 5

  • The Work Plan is administratively reviewed by the NOAA EPP Program Office and shares the WorkPlan with the NERTO mentor.
  • The NERTO mentor issues a NERTO Offer Letter and sends it to the NOAA EPP Office.
  • NOAA EPP Office then shares the NERTO award letter with the Center leadership to be shared with the Students and his/her advisor.
  • The student writes an acceptance letter in response to the NERTO award and shares it with the Center Management team.
  • The Center Director then shares the NERTO acceptance letter package with the NOAA Program office.
  • The NERTO administrative process is completed at this stage, and the student can make travel arrangements to initiate the NERTO training.
  • Download the Acceptance Letter Template (MS Word)
  • Download NERTO Offer Letter Template (MS Word)

Step 6

  • The student prepares the travel logistics in coordination with the NOAA mentor and Center Student Affairs Manager, Cesar Ortiz (cortiz@ccny.cuny.edu or 212-650-8890) for travel advances and other logistics.
  • This includes obtaining fingerprints from the local police precinct indicated on the NOAA hosting lab/office application form/card.