Data and Products

Data and Products

Data Tools  

Data Tools Lead Investigator's  Name Status Description  Product URL
Global Multisensor Automated
Snow and Ice (GMASI) algorithm.
P. Romanov available README Click here
Regional PM2.5
Mapping System
B. Gross pending - -
Urban Wind Pattern M. Arend available README Click here
uWRF Weather Forecast
for NY City
J. Gonzalez available README Click here
Downscaled Air Temperature
 for Cities
J. Gonzalez. & J. Hrisko available README
Click here
Downscaled Heat Index
for Cities
J. Gonzalez pending - -
Downscaled LST prototype
for Cities
Hamid/Miguel Velez-Reyes pending  - -
Downscaled Thermal Storage for Cities Gonzalez pending - -

Data Products 

Research Product Name Lead Investigator's Name Status Description Product URL
Operational River Ice Mapping System
( Leveraged from Center NOAA JPSS activities)
N. Chaouch available - RFC-AlaskaRFC-NERFC-NC
Atmospheric Ozone Profiles P. McCormick pending - -
Radiometer Products – CCNY (AERONET).
F. Moshary & Y. Wu available README Available on datadbAlt Source
UMBC (Lidar Products). R. Delgado available READMEREADME 2 lidar umbcAvailable on datadb
HU - (Lidar Products). P. McCormick pending - -
UPRM – (Lidar Products) A. Parsiani pending - -
Urban Thermodynamic Profiles/
Microwave Radiometer
F. Moshary available README
Available on datadb

Smoke Transport and Impacts Yonghua Wu. available - Available on datadb
Validation of VIIRS SNPP and
VIIRS NOAA-20 Ocean Color
data on the LISCO AERONET
site and in ocean cruise
A. Gilerson  available README Available on NASA AERONET watch
Validation and Application of
 JPSS/GCOM-W Soil Moisture
Data Product for operational
flood monitoring in Puerto Rico
Lakhankar - - -
Ensemble flood forecasting system
 coupling WRF-Hydro with
Satellite Data (JPSS and GOES-R) for Puerto Rico
Lakhankar - - -
CESSRST Ceilometer Network Portal F. Moshary and R. Delgado pending - -