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CESSRST Scholar Delivers Talk at Columbia University’s Ocean & Climate Physics Seminar Series

Posted on January 31, 2021

CESSRST Scholar  Delivers Talk at Columbia University’s Ocean & Climate Physics Seminar Series

NOAA EPP/MSI CESSRST Earth System Sciences and Remote Sensing graduate scholar, Veeshan Narinesingh successfully delivered a talk at Columbia University’s Ocean & Climate Physics (OCP) Seminar Series on January 22nd, 2021. The presentation was titled, ‘Atmospheric blocking in an aquaplanet and the impact of orography.’ Commenting on the topic, Veeshan said, “It included a background in atmospheric blocking, something that people are not usually familiar with and elements from my previously published paper and ongoing NOAA Experiential Research and Training Opportunity (NERTO) at NOAA CESSRST.”

In his talk, Veeshan provided a brief overview and background on atmospheric blocking and highlighted the fundamentals, climate change and response to forcing from orography. He emphasized that atmospheric blocks are large, persistent, and quasi-stationary anticyclones that can alter the path of storms and induce heat waves and cold spells. Further, he stressed that despite atmospheric blocking’s potential to create enormous societal impact, many underlying physics questions around it remain unanswered. His talk explored two research areas; how well the idealized model captures blocking and how orography influences where and how much blocking is generated. He also discussed preliminary work on blocking in future climate scenarios. Reflecting on the talk, Veeshan said “It was important for me to keep my presentation clear and concise. I could feel the adrenaline rush while presenting. From the feedback and questions that I received at the end, I felt confident that the talk went well.”

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