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CREST Consortium

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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The University of Maryland, Baltimore County research and education activities contribute to NOAA’s “Weather Ready Nation” goal. Within that goal, the following objectives are addressed: promoting healthy people and communities through improved air and water quality and reducing loss of life, property, and disruption from high-impact events. These activities are also relevant to NOAA’s Climate Adaptation and Mitigation by improving scientific understanding of our hanging climate system and its impacts. As well as, assessing current and future states of the climate system to identify potential impacts and inform science, services, and decisions.

CESSRST Campus PI and staff

Dr. Ruben Delgado - Principal Investigator (bio)
University of Maryland Baltimore
Email: delgado@umbc.edu

Research Projects and Task

The research team at UMBC is part of the Center's  Earth System Observation Network (CESON) in support of the CESSRST ‘Atmospheric Hazards’ research theme. Information on our numerous research projects 

Degrees Offered 

The Department of Physics offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees