1 - City College of New York (Lead Institution)

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1 - City College of New York (Lead Institution)

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The City College of New York (CCNY) is one of CUNY's senior colleges. Since its establishment, City College's mission has been to provide academic excellence along with expanded opportunities for higher education.

About CUNY

The City University of New York - CUNY  includes 11 senior colleges, seven community colleges, The Macaulay Honors College and five graduate and professional schools, located throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Each of the senior colleges offers a distinctive history, as well as a rigorous baccalaureate degree program and enriching campus experience.

The University’s seven community colleges provide a high-quality education through associate degree programs that prepare students for transfer to senior colleges or entry into professional careers. The CUNY Graduate Center offers more than 30 doctoral programs. CUNY School of Public Health and Health Policy, a collaboration of four CUNY institutions, offers master’s and doctoral degrees. The CUNY School of Law is recognized as the nation’s premier public-interest law school

The University’s unwavering commitment to that principle is a source of enormous pride. CUNY colleges offer a seemingly infinite array of academic programs taught by award-winning faculty, as well as sports, internships, scholarships and community service opportunities found on campuses throughout New York City’s five boroughs. CUNY’s combination of quality academics, remarkable affordability, financial support and the convenience of 25 modern campuses offers a remarkable educational experience.

About CCNY

The City College is actually a small university, consisting of a College of Liberal Arts and Science and the largest complex of profession schools in CUNY, including the University's only schools of Architecture and Engineering. There are also schools of Education, the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education and the Greenberg Center for Legal Education.

City offers a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum and an array of more than fifty graduate programs. Located at the College are several important research institutes and an outstanding performing arts complex, Aaron Davis Hall, which produces superb facilities for baccalaureate programs in film/ video, communication, music, and theater.

Know nationally as the public college with the greatest number of Noble Laureates among its baccalaureate graduates. The City College is among the top ten schools nationally in the number of its graduates who have earned the Ph.D. degree. City College prides itself on the ethnic, racial and cultural diversity of its student body. which is unusual even for the colleges of this cosmopolitan university.

CREST Campus PI and staff

Dr. Reza Khabilvardi, Ph.d, PE(Bio)
NOAA CREST Center Director
Department of Civil Engineering,  
Email: khanbilvardi@ccny.cuny.edu

Dr. Shakila Merchant
Assistant Director

CREST Research Projects and Task

CREST research  at CCNY is in four interconnected Themes that address NOAA high priority long-term goals, with a strong focus and expertise on remote sensing observations and applications,advanced observing technologies and systems, and big data analysis. It also respond to the NOAA need for improved “Observing, Modeling and Engaging” capabilities.

Research Themes:

Degrees Offered

The City College offers Bachelors , M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in both Atmospheric Science, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Architecture. 

NOAA-Crest research at the City College of New York is comprised of Researchers in the following departments and Areas:

University Career & Student services contact information

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New York, NY 10031

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