Owen Parker

Owen Parker
M.S, Geology, Graduate

Cohort Level: Cohort - I

Career Goal: After graduation, I would like to have the skills and experience necessary to continue my research as a research scientist working on coastal pollution issues, including coastal air quality and coastal water quality. NOAA, with its fantastic capacity to monitor our coastlines using space-based sensors as well as sub-orbital platforms, would be a tremendously satisfying agency to work for. I am particularly interested in NOAA's Ocean & Coasts programs. I would also be interested in working with the New York State DEC, the New York City DEP, or the EPA, on water quality and coastal health issues facing New York and the northeastern seaboard. At the same time, I am pursuing certification as an environmental professional, to gain more experience on addressing a range of environmental issues relevant to climate change and coastal hazards.

Expected Graduation Date: June 1, 2018

Degree: M.S Geology

Research Title: Assessing spatiotemporal variability in air pollution in urban coastal regions

Research Synopsis: The project is is focused on variability in anthropogenic trace gases above urban coastal environments. Specifically, NO2 and O3 above the southern Korean peninsula, and above the Baltimore/DC area of the Chesapeake Bay. Currently, I can identify where and when anomalous events occur.