Jefferson Almonte

Cohort Level: Cohort - IV

Career Goal: My career goal once I graduate from my current degree program is to apply for a job in the robotics industry. Preferably, a company that is using robotics technology for industrial services or construction.

Expected Graduation Date: May 20, 2022

Degree: B.S Physics

Research Title: Thermal Mapping of Vulnerable Communities in NYC

Research Synopsis: This research project will investigate the different factors contributing to such high temperatures within certain New York City neighborhoods (NYC). The areas used in this project were NYC neighborhoods with the highest average temperatures year-round. The experimentation will involve the use of thermal cameras to create a heat map that will allow viewers to get detailed descriptions of where in these neighborhoods the temperature is highest. Using these neighborhoods as the base of the project, they will be categorized by socioeconomic factors, such as income disparities between residents and environmental factors such as distance from water bodies.