Engela Sthapit

Engela Sthapit
Ph.D., Civil Engineering, Graduate

Cohort Level: Cohort - III

Career Goal: Work for a federal agency as a research scientist

Expected Graduation Date: May 31, 2022

Degree: Ph.D. Civil Engineering

Research Title: Understanding snow representation in the Noah-MP and WRF-Hydro Model, with assimilation of snow data from CESSRST- SAFE, for improvement in the National Water Model

Research Synopsis: The objective of this research is to improve the understanding of the effect of changing snow characteristics on snow microwave emission, under various meteorological conditions, to improve snow cover properties retrievals from satellite observations. The data is used to develop snowpack physical models and microwave emission models. The goal is to incorporate such models into the NOAA's Weather Research and Forecasting Hydrologic Model (WRF-Hydro), which is the basis of National Water Model (NWM). NWM simulates observed and forecasts streamflow over the Continental United States (CONUS).