Daniela Duarte

Daniela Duarte
B.S, Metallurgical, Undergraduate

Cohort Level: Cohort - III

Career Goal: After the completion of my bachelor's degree in metallurgical and material science, I want to further my education with a master's degree to then pursue a career focusing on failure analysis, working for a government agency such as NOAA.

Expected Graduation Date: May 18, 2022

Degree: B.S Metallurgical

Research Title: Analysis of close-range hyperspectral images of vegetation communities

Research Synopsis: The use of hyperspectral imaging is a non-destructive method and automated assessment of vegetation in both physiology and structure. Hyperspectral images were collected in the visible to near-infrared range using a SOC710 VP (400-1000nm) hyperspectral imager from Surface Optics Corporation (SOC). This research involves the processing of raw images to reflectance to characterize and highlight the presence, structure of highly complex heterogeneous tundra plant communities. Through the use of spectral unmixing techniques signatures and abundances across plots can be compared and analyze commonalities of plots in the same or various regions.