Cailynn Gregory

Cailynn Gregory
B.S, Biochemistry, Undergraduate

Cohort Level: Cohort - V

Expected Graduation Date: May 8, 2022

Degree: B.S Biochemistry

Research Title: Studying Environmental Justice and Inequities Using High-Spatial-Resolution Remote Sensing measurements of air pollution.

Research Synopsis: Participants in this project will assess the air pollution inequities across different population centers in the USA using high-spatial-resolution remote sensing measurements of chemicals such as NO2 that indicate air pollution. Students will learn multiple software applications related to high-spatial-resolution remote sensing and learn to GIS tools to observe how these air pollution data correlate to population data, i.e., demographic, socio-economic, or health-outcome data. Our observational analysis will allow students interested in health, chemistry, economics, and health-disparities to see atmospheric science applications in their lives. COVID-19 contingency: Our project and all analysis can be done via computer and remote meetings. Participants will work in teams to develop collaborative and peer-mentoring skills. Participants will also learn how to disseminate their results and analysis in innovative ways like Buzz-feed articles, Youtube videos, Jove videos, or bioRiv articles.