Adrian Peña

Adrian Peña
M.S, Earth Systems & Environmental Engineering, Graduate, 06/05/2020

Cohort Level: Cohort - III

Career Goal: Acquire a position where upward mobility to a management position is possible.

Expected Graduation Date: June 1, 2020

Degree: M.S Earth Systems & Environmental Engineering

Research Title: Development of high resolution precipitation and temperature product for New York City

Research Synopsis: The proposed project involved to develop a precipitation and temperature product to be used in urban flash flood guidance and hazard warnings (uFFG) system. The precipitation product will have 2 km spatial resolution through merging in-situ NY-uHMT (New York Urban Hydrometeorology Test Bed) rainfall data with NWS-RADAR precipitation to create for NY City. Similarly, high resolution gridded temperature product by merging in-situ NY-uHMT temperature data along with NYCMetNet stations. The developed product will be used accelerate the development and fusion of new observing data, modeling methods, and recent scientific research for developing effort on key hydrological and meteorological forecast issues. This will help identify and isolate areas where land development has altered the runoff characteristics of the New York City Area. Results from these activities will not only be useful in planning for storm emergencies but will also allow for improved designs of infrastructure. Together this forms a key step towards improving regional resiliency against the wide range of impacts incurred by extreme storm event related flooding.