Adedoja Adeyeye

Adedoja Adeyeye
M.E, Civil Engineering, Graduate, 06/01/2018

Cohort Level: Cohort - I

Career Goal: I plan to apply my skills developed during my NOAA Fellowship and academic career in the field of water security and meteorological monitoring.

Expected Graduation Date: June 1, 2018

Degree: M.E Civil Engineering

Research Title: Development of urban Hydro-meteorological Testbed (NY-uHMT) Network for New York City

Research Synopsis: The proposed the New York urban Hydro-meteorological Testbed (NY-uHMT) is one of a kind dense hydro meteorological network anywhere in the world. The NY-uHMT network will consist of 20 autonomous weather stations that will monitor both meteorological and hydrological state around the densely populated NYC area. The primary goal of the project is to understand the complex land-atmosphere interactions over urban areas. The project will also result in applications that will improve weather/climate forecasting and prediction, aid emergency response and critical decision making. Under this project, the student (Masters) will work on Site selection, Installation, calibration and data processing of urban Hydro-meteorological Testbed (NY-uHMT) sensors to make available to researchers and communities. Students will work on interpolation of meteorological parameters obtained from weather stations to produce gridded maps of temperature and precipitation.